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Drew Laroche

Drew’s entrepreneurial aptitude and talent rose to the surface at an early age. Seeing an opportunity where others saw only empty cans, in middle school he began collecting cans to re-sell for recycling. With a budding engineer’s eye for ingenious solutions and a sense for the advantages larger volumes bring, Drew designed a special bike rack that could transport a large volume of cans to a recycling center more than five miles away.

Other ventures launched in adolescence and beyond involved a thriving trade in baseball cards as well as a company selling and servicing paintball equipment. Both operations taught valuable lessons in how successful businesses thrive.

Eventually Drew’s propensity for computer technology led to another opportunity in a computer repair and troubleshooting business. In addition a wide-ranging customer base, he maintained and serviced the computer equipment and network his family used in a medical transcription business.

Drew’s talents and hard work led to considerable academic success. He graduated from the University of Delaware with combined majors in Computer and Electrical Engineering, plus a minor in Computer Science, while earning Dean’s List honors with a 3.4 GPA. Drew was also an active member in the IEEE chapter as well as invited to join Eta Kappa Nu, a national computer and electrical honor society.

Following college he went to work at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. There he worked on process automation involving government equipment of a classified nature. He helped create complex mathematical models used in testing and calibrating instruments contained in high velocity projectiles.

Drew’s path crossed Jack’s at Harvard Business Services. As an online business formation company, HBS was the repository for tens of thousands of customer records. Privacy and security was paramount, and Drew engineered security systems and backups that made HBS data transmission and storage protocols among the most secure in the industry. He also streamlined and enhanced the capabilities of HBS’s IT systems to improve the customer experience and create additional sales opportunities.

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