The Smartest Route To Your Trademark

How the Trademark Compass Process Works

1. Complete our online application

The information you need to supply is fairly straightforward. And as you progress through the fields you’ll find contextual help symbols that provide any additional guidance you might need.

Take your time in completing the application. Accuracy is everything. does provide extra layers of double-checking, first with our automated check and then with expert human proofing of spelling, punctuation, etc.

2. We conduct a search for your name availability

Our name search is the industry’s most thorough and comprehensive, casting a wide net across name databases and records of every description. This is a considerable advantage compared to most other service. If there is a conflict, better to find out now than have the USPTO discover it much later in the process.

In the event there is a name conflict we offer you the opportunity to consider and submit alternative name choices.

3. We process and submit your application to the USPTO electronically.

When the USPTO receives and files your application, they will issue a serial number that becomes the identifier for your application as it makes its way through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The serial number becomes part of your record in the My Account section of our website. You can check there to stay current with any change in status or updates.

At some point in the process the USPTO may issue a document that details a possible roadblock or challenge to the name you wish to trademark. Though it is possible to respond without the assistance of an attorney, it may not be advisable and will ultimately be up to you.

Trademark Compass is not a law firm and cannot give legal advice. We can, however, refer you to a group of attorneys we know who are widely experienced in trademark matters. Whether or how you wish to proceed at this point will be your choice.

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