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Jack Berberian

Jack Berberian's background, talent and training seem to share a common theme: an entrepreneurial propensity coupled with the vision to identify opportunities and exploit market niches.

As each technological advance of the information age has leapfrogged the one before it, Jack’s acumen and foresight have allowed him to stay ahead of the curve in recognizing the business opportunities those advances offer.

Jack’ success is more than just a matter of timing, however. To each venture he has brought a finely tuned sense of what customers want, and how to deliver services with straightforward value and customer service that creates a distinct identity for the brands he has helped build.

His academic background includes an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and law a degree from Whittier Law School in California. Throughout the years leading up to college, as well as through college and law school Jack maintained an intense interest in emerging information technologies. During off hours at law school, in an era when the web was still evolving as a phenomenon, Jack was designing web sites and breaking new ground in the way attorneys would research court cases.

Following law school he kept one foot in the legal profession and another in start-up efforts with companies that were on the leading edge of interactive media. These paths converged in 2000 when he became one of the leading executives of a web site that revolutionized the way ordinary people would obtain information for routine legal matters. That web site today is, the preeminent online brand for helping people execute common legal documents. Jack’s roles as one of the core executives encompassed everything from striking partnerships with companies like, compsych, carvel, and countless others. Jack was also instrumental in launching and managing the entire intellectual property division which started with just 2 people and grew into the hundreds. From raising capital to coordinating company resources to working 18 hours days whatever it took he was available.

After being lured back east from L.A. to Delaware Jack joined Harvard Business Services in 2005 as President, CEO and shareholder. Business formation services had by that time migrated to the online realm as well, and Jack was instrumental in taking HBS from a face in the crowd to one of the leading brands and most respected names in that industry. Jack has to re-tool and re-structure the entire company from the ground up to catapult the company into a playing field it had not seen in more than 20 years. After building and growing the company Jack decided it was time to take more than a decade of online experience and turn out an entire portfolio of companies.

In 2008 Jack heard the call of entrepreneurship once again and struck out on his own. Among a number of start-up ventures in Jack’s current portfolio is, SecureNetMD, LLC, Troy Ventures, LLC and MedTix, LLC. Jack’s intimate familiarity with intellectual property matters fused with an encyclopedic knowledge of operations and the Internet will give a considerable competitive advantage. The site will feature’s Jack’s signature elements: a full-featured, customer-friendly interface and product offerings not seen anywhere else on the Internet.

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