The Smartest Route To Your Trademark

Traps to Watch Out For


A Google search under ’trademark“ turns up dozens of companies claiming to offer the best value in securing and registering a trademark. The services offered by more than a few of these companies are much less than what they seem—traps that can leave you hanging, waiting, having invested time and money in a process that takes you no closer to obtaining your trademark.

Here is just a sample what to watch out for:

  • An online service that says your order will be processed in 48 hours, which really means they’ll look at it in two days but may do nothing else for weeks
  • An online service whose low, low price buys you nothing but a blank application and a wish of good luck managing the whole process on your own
  • An online service whose search only cover basic names in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s database and completely misses name combinations, domain names, state registrations and local DBA filings
  • An online service that promises not to sell your personal information while they in fact rent that information to hundreds of affiliates over and over again
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